About Jessielyee Photography

A daydreamer with an adventurous heart with no fears in chasing the sun and wind;
I have completed my training in Architecture at the age of 24 yet I followed my heart and pursued photography instead. I am much sought after for wedding photography and has traveled near and far overseas with an adventurous heart with no fears in chasing the sun and wind.
I’m a daydreamer who chase after split-second moments of rawest love into photo frames. The journey of studying architecture completely changed the way she sees the world. Architecture made me to appreciate the collation in between humans and forces of nature. and this, has reflected in my works of distinctive styles of wedding and portraiture photography.
My obsession for puppers and handcraft works are crazily real, give me any food related with mushroom and I’ll list you as my “food buddy”! Being a strong believer in photographing a person’s raw personality, I always am a curious listener to all kind of stories.
If you are willing to take a chance on me,
let’s do this!


Relax, be comfortable, be yourself.

All you need to do during the photograph session, is just to focus on yourself, and your partner. I may guide both of you a little from time to time, but to be in your own world with your loved one, all you need to be is just relax.