Jessie Lyee
/ˈdʒɛsi liː/

I'm Jessie, a solo photographer with an adventurous heart! I have completed my training in Architecture at the age of 24 yet I followed my heart and pursued photography instead. I’m naturally tanned, with no fears in chasing the element of natures. I love to experience winds that blow crazily through my hair, sun that sets like no tomorrow, and rain that romanticizes the moment. Those are the best combination for me in crafting warm-wild spirited photographs. My obsession for dogs and handcraft are crazily real, give me any food related with mushroom and salmon, I’ll list you as my ‘food buddy’!

Being a wholeheartedly curious to all kind of stories, you don’t have to be afraid to open up yourselves with me, I’m always a strong believer in photographing one’s rawest personality. (always) loud in laughter, and (sometimes) quiet during photographing moment, as those memories that photographed into frames, will forever belong as part of the lives of yours and your better one.



"Documentation of intangible connection, and to still the interaction between beings, and surrounding——"

OBSERVE, is what I love to do. I love to observe little things; interaction between the eyes, the way you hold hands and laugh, changes of body language when you're with your loved one. Inspiration comes from many ways, be it an impactful scenes from movies, an imagination through words from reading a book, a drastic play of light and shadow, or combination of manmade and nature from surroundings, to fabricate an image which conveys feeling and connection. I may guide the couples a little from time to time, warming up, and to relax, but to be in your own world with your loved one, all you need to be is to be true to your own heart. The emotion lies in within beings makes every session extra different from one and another and personalized to each couples. All I want to photograph is always your genuine laughter and rawest love, to reserve the truest you from life into frames.




what a beautiful sight as the way you sparkle when you talk about the person you love.


Love Stories

it is truly a wonderful day to get married to your best friend, your better one, and complete each other as a whole.



wanderlust, strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.