KN & Shirley


A beautiful and fun-filled # KNS2020 wedding on a rainy day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dont worry, I did not post the wrong hashtag, it is indeed KN & Shirley’s wedding with official hashtag #KNS2020 as a reminder of how their celebrate their big day in the midst of KNS year. My god, how can I start describing these two humans. They are so lovable, and fun couples to be surrounded with the bestest bestmens and bridesmaids, and the most supportive families members who are so into their love journey! Its more than a blessing to be able to part of their celebration. Whether to piss about the KNS weather of raining through the whole afternoon to the end of the day, or the hiccups during the official registration because of misplacing the IC cards, they are officially tied the knot to each other, for the rest of their lives!

Dear KN & Shirley, words cant describe how huge my love for both of you, it’s such a reward to be part of this celebration more like a friend than a photographer with a return of trust and friendship from both of you. I truly wish you two to continue loving each other the same way, until 100 years old! well, #KNS2020 indeed but their love save the day!

Documented by yours truly,